• Climate: The climate in the municipality of Catarman can be classified as intermediate type 2 – without distinct dry and wet season but with pronounced rain from November to January. The No Distinct dry and wet season.


  • Topography:

                     Flat Lowlands – Approximately 12% of the total land area

                     Forest and Mountainous – 88% of the total land area


  • Marine Resources: Fish, Shell, Corrals, Shrimps.
  • Forest Resources: Timber, Abaca, Rattan, Bamboo, Anahaw
  • Water Resources: Seas, Rivers, Creeks, Springs, Falls.
  • Mineral Resources: Sand, Gravel.
  • Soil Type: Bayho clay loam, Catbalogan clay loam, San Miguell loam, Bayho sands, Bigaa loam, and undifferentiated mountain.