An independent and progressive barangay advocating principle of good governance that help build and nurture honesty and responsibility among its public officials and employees and take appropriate measures to promote transparency with the public.




To be able to actively carry out the mandates and ensure transparency, honesty and efficiency in the service in the barangay.


Barangay Cervantes is a service place situated just along the national road. It has a vast hectarage of rice field where its hilly portion is planted with a variety of fruit trees, bananas, coconut, root crops and vegetable.


However, the barangay managed by an active Punong Barangay, Hon. Federio T. Oliveros Jr. with an ever supportive kagawad members in carrying out its goals and objectives. They usually treat barangay issues and problems for the common good of the populace and laid them as basic in formulating barangay ordinances and resolutions.


The community is involved during barangay assembly in coordination with the linkage and networking with the various of civil society and the lead agencies of the LGU. Hence the advancement of the workers skills is the prime focus to uplift the living condition of the marginalized section within the barangay.