A much alive and reliant community, with extremely conspicuous number of people marking strenuous effort for a better future through and their profound faith in God.




Alleviate the economic condition of the constituents and extreme poverty which is a prominent hindrance to more productive community through a practical knowledge of entreprineurship.


Barangay Mabolo is noted as the business where prime commercial and industrial establishments are being managed by the chines business tycoons in the province of Northern Samar. It is a busy place where business transaction between the buyers and the seller occurs. The Punong Barangay, Hon. Oscar S. Lim is responsible and trustworthy of which his barangay kagawad members manifested their whole hearted support in the administration of barangay programs and services.


The visibility of these business establishment cater a lot of job opportunities among the barangay residents.


It is a situated along the Catarman river and is accessible to the Catarman bridge that serve as an entry and exit point going to the nearby towns within the province of Northern Samar.