To be able to actively carry out the mandates and ensure transparency, honestly and efficiency in the delivery of service in the barangay.




An independent and progressive barangay advocating principle and practices of good governance that help build and nature honestly responsibility among its public officials and employee an take appropriates measure. To promote transparency in transacting with public.


Barangay polangi is situated just along the public highway. It is surrounded by a mountainous terrain with a low lying area just along the river bank.


The barangay officials spearheaded by the active punong barangay Hon. Dante V. Maningcay abserved good governance as a manifestation of a barangay management’s respect of transparency, accountability and a responsive system of government.


The barangay residents are encourage to participate in charting and planning their social concern, opinions, comment and suggestion pertaining to barangay issues and demands.


They usually hold meeting during the regular session of the barangay council. Its result are transmitted to the purok leaders which become the corner stone of disseminating programs, projects and other related information to social welfare and development.