Barangay San Paucual will become a progressive and discipline citizens. Supporting for economic development united in spiritual community under progressive, peaceful and good governance.




           To be able to actively carry out the mandates and ensure transparency, honesty and efficiency in the delivery of service in the barangay.


Barangay San Pascual is situated in a far distant place from the town proper of catarman. It has a rich soil suitable for farming. It produces rice, root crops, copra, bananas, vegetables and fruits.


Punong barangay Hon. Milagros A. Campilla had visualized a livelihood program which will sustain the family need for everything living. The program is designed not only to help low-income families but also to empower and encourage local communities to take pride into their work and be self-sufficient in their needs.


The barangay has been responsive to its development plan. The purok leaders were empowered to lead the small communities to sustain the development in their area.


The barangay constituents developed a sense of belongingness and has become more active in supporting the barangay activities.


The barangay council usually hold their scheduled meeting to discuss issues and problems related to the social welfare and development. Cognizant of its output, the result are then transmitted which will become a part of the session agents for their resolutions.