A community of healthy and happy people; cooperative and participative, yet remain to be self reliant ; living in a peaceful, progressive and environment friendly neighborhood that has affected change toward sustainable development in the municipality.



To forge total wellbeing of populace; to promote progress thru encouragement of their participation and cooperation in a realistic and sustainable socio-cultural, economical and human development endeavors, and thru the collaboration of different NGO’s and civic organization towards economical and technological adventure programs with other neighboring barangays.

Barangay Tinowaran is a few kilometer away from the town proper of catarman. It produce copra, palay, fruits and vegetable. It lies along the catarman river. Perhaps, the barangay residents harvest shells in the river as viand during meal time. Being situated along the banks of the river, barangay tinowaran is a low level area with the constant threat of flooding.

Everytime rain pours heavily portion of the roads are impossible to heavier trucks. This piece of land was threated by soil erosion due to massive uneven flows of water and its gets narrower every time the rain pour down heavily.

Various programs and projects were being done through the initiative of the active and dynamic punong barangay. Hon. Wilfredo C. Salazar with the full support of his barangay kagawad members. These project plants and activities were made possible through a series of resolutions and ordinances. Barangay tinowaran is living its desire to extend basic services  especially the reduction of poverty among its population to the best of the people’s potentialities.

The barangay officials were delighted by the enthusiasm of the people. Such initiative surely mean a perfect representation of what the barangay council and the people of the barangay are all about.

Barangay tinowaran will be a well-developed and progressive community in the LGU of catarman.