Barangay Trangue was once a setio of barangay quezon in the municipality of catarman. At that time it was called setio ligoy because people are uncooperative. They do not participate actively to all kind of activities and celebration in their mother barangay.


Years passed the community population has grown bigger and bigger. A very  generous man named Ricardo Loberiano donated one and one half hectares of land to be the barangay.


In 1961, due to rapid growth of the population setio ligoy required its autonomy as an independent barangay thru Mr. Alfredo Loberiano who was then the first barangay captain through the help of the late mayor Eusebio Moore.


Barangay captain Alfredo Loberiano holds the office for 15 years. It was followed by Mr. Dioscoro  Flamingo and at present barangay captain Diolito Loberiano.


Barangay Trangue is located on a hilly terrain west of brgy.quezon. It is more than 25kilometers in south west from catarman proper. Barangay Trangue hasna total land area of one and one half hectares donated by Ricardo Loberiano. One hectare is of the barangay site and one half (1/2) hectare is for the school site.


Trangue was establish as a barangay in 1965. The first public teacher was Ernesto table who at the time enrolled 30 pupils as grade 1. The first barangay captain was Alfredo Loberiano who initiated