By the year 2020. The Barangay UEP Zone 2 will be God-living, drug-free, peaceful, environmental friendly and conductive for learning community.




To cater service in term of social, health, education, economic and livelihood which would help uplift the standard of living of the constituents in the Barangay UEP Zone 2; to put infrastructure based on the necessity of the barangay and guidelines set forth in the Local Government Code; to develop camaraderie, love and respect towards harmonious relationship between and among the barangay administration and its constituent in the barangay UEP Zone 2. To continue spreading the word of god among the neighborhood despite the disparity on religious rites and beliefs of each constituent.


Barangay UEP Zone 2 is situated just along the seashores of the UEP where a variety of sea shells could be found. Some of the student and resident would simply litter along seashores to handpicks these seashells and serve them during the meal.


Most of the barangay residents are professional, employee, student, businessmen and workers. They are peace loving and congenial people who are masters of barangay’s progress and achievement.


The  barangay local government units is loving with its desire and aspiration to uphold its mission and vision as an instrument in bringing the basic services to its populace.


With the wisdom of the Punong barangay Hon. Jack L. Castillo and hiss ever supportive barangay kagawad members, they were able to make a big difference in upholding excellence and transcending progress for the people’s sake.